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Pastors and Staff

All Staff

Michelle Adams-Fooshee

Associate of Ministry Givingoffice: 719-884-6165

Judy Beltz

Executive Assistant to Rev. Dr. Tim McConnelloffice: 719-884-6102

Trish Bibler

Graphic Specialistoffice: 719-884-6150

Scott Boss

Associate for High School Ministriesoffice: 719-884-6216

Susan Buenger

Associate for Global Missionoffice: 719-884-6109

Caren Clarke

Event Services Lead and Communication Administrative Assistantoffice: 719-884-6157

Delma Cliett

Get Set Preschool Directoroffice: 719-884-6130

Jim DeJarnette

Minister of Musicoffice: 719-884-6171

Jeralynn Dix

Wedding Coordinatoroffice: 719-884-6168

Kathy Dobyns

Children's Ministry Associateoffice: 719-884-6127

Katie Fowler

Associate Pastor for Missional Strategiesoffice: 719-884-6147

Matt Fox

Director of Technology Integrationoffice: 719-884-6175

Mary Frieg

Connecting Ministries Associateoffice: 719-884-6189

Susan Gentry

Accounts Payable & Payrolloffice: 719-884-6166

Beryl Glass

Graphic Designeroffice: 719-884-6151

John Goodale

Associate Pastor for Caring Ministriesoffice: 719-884-6143

Jim Hansen

Manager of Schedulingoffice: 719-884-6153

Bethany Hanson

Associate for Children's Musicoffice: 719-884-6122

Pat Hartsock

Pastor to Menoffice: 719-884-6119

Joshua Hays

Audio/Visual Leadoffice: 719-884-6169

Sue Hayward

Caring Ministries Associateoffice: 719-884-6140

Helen Hazelton

Get Set Preschool Assistantoffice: 719-884-6130

Matt Holtzman

Minister of Worship and Careoffice: 719-884-6170

Jennifer Holz

Executive Pastoroffice: 719-884-6214

Allen Hunter

Lead Associate for Student Ministries / Middle School Ministeroffice: 719-884-6221

Mark Isaman

Director of Facilitiesoffice: 719-884-6154

Derrick Jeffers

Director of Financeoffice: 719-884-6164

John Jennings

Network Administratoroffice: 719-884-6195

Lindy Keffer

Director of Communicationoffice: 719-884-6161

Kim Kuck

Congregational Supportoffice: 719-884-6144

Dale McClure

Archivistoffice: 719-884-6193

Tim McConnell

Lead Pastoroffice: 719-884-6102

Eunice McGarrahan

Supply Pastor for Discipleshipoffice: 719-884-6110

Ina Meyer

Administrative Associate, Adult Ministries and Men's Ministriesoffice: 719-884-6117

Yemi Mobolade

Minister of City Engagement and Worshipoffice: 719-884-6111

Beth Morrison

Nursery Manageroffice: 719-884-6139

Alison Murray

Executive Directoroffice: 719-884-6231

Carla Olson

First Pres Pre-School Directoroffice: 719-884-6133

Elizabeth Roth

Administriative Associate, Student Ministriesoffice: 719-884-6220

Chris Sebby

Director of Music Administrationoffice: 719-884-6172

Danny Shaw

Director of Children's Ministriesoffice: 719-884-6125

Frank Shelton

Senior Organistoffice: 719-884-6104

Sandy Tafoya

Manager of Building and Event Servicesoffice: 719-884-6167

James Tandy

Human Resources Manageroffice: 719-884-6190

Jan Weiser

Worship Media Specialistoffice: 719-884-6205

Priscilla Wittrock

Administrative Assistant, Children's Ministriesoffice: 719-884-6126

Ruth Zschoche

Associate for MOPS, Young Family Ministriesoffice: 719-884-6138