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First Pres Blog

Can We Pray for You?

Posted by John Goodale on

Did you know that for years, First Pres has offered an opportunity for prayer following our worship services? Our Stephen Ministers have faithfully and lovingly provided a presence in the front of our worship spaces, where people can request and receive prayer. This ministry will look a little...

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A Call and A Plan: How I Started Reading the Bible Regularly

Posted by John Goodale on

It’s been 25 years, but I still remember where I was when I became convicted about reading the Bible more. I was actually in my first year of ordained ministry. I’d been a believer for years. I knew the Bible was important, and I read it periodically, but I often struggled with...

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Tags: first things first

Lord of Grace

Posted by John Goodale on

As long as I’ve lived in Colorado, I’ve found it humorous that we’re more likely to have snow on Easter than on Christmas! Snow last weekend and forecast again for early this week is one more reminder that Easter is approaching! This Sunday is Palm Sunday, which offers two...

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Tags: e-blast, easter, palm sunday, prodigal, sermon, worship

Comfort the Afflicted

Posted by John Goodale on

December 31 and January 1 are back-to-back days, just like any other two days of the year. Yet the act of moving the calendar from one year to the next tends to create a sense of beginning a new chapter in our lives. During this first week of 2017, there’s a natural inclination to view the...

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Tags: e-blast, movement, worship

Advent Devotional Week 1: I'm Coming to You


Posted by John Goodale on

Meditation by Rev. Dr. John Goodale: This is an unusual Christmas season for the Goodale family. In addition to celebrating the message of Christmas, we’ll also celebrate the wedding of our oldest child the weekend before Christmas! For more than three months this Fall, Matthew...

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Tags: advent, devotional, worship