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Men's Life Retreat 2018

Posted by Todd Naevestad on

This past February, Men's Life spent a weekend at Sky Ranch Horn Creek with guest speaker Jim Singleton. Attendees share their stories below: 

Charles H. Castle:

"Getting away from Colorado Springs for the retreat with 100+ men was rejuvenating! It was my first time to meet Jim Singleton and his topic on Discipleship was a thorough refresher course on many tenets of our Christian faith. Soon after the retreat, I reviewed my notes and found 10 new short-story ideas.

For me, Session 4 and the communion on Sunday morning was the best! All five of us in our group opened up about gnawing failures we are still hanging onto. The Holy Spirit was on the Sky Ranch campus and I believe He softened many men’s hearts."

Ed Powers:

"I was not intending to go to the retreat but the Holy Spirit nudged my wife and one of her friends to let me know that I should go. I signed up but with no particular expectations except to once again hear Jim Singleton. I came empty handed. During the retreat I felt the Holy Spirit guiding me almost continually. It was an amazing experience as this had never happened to me before. In the past I had been nudged from time to time but nothing like this. I came away with the understanding that I am an encouragement to others and that I should continue on that path. The Lord is good all the time!"

Randy Case:

"Over 100 men checked in and began to enjoy fellowship in the Main Lodge with Pastor Emeritus Jim Singleton. For many men, including me, it was a time of reunion where many of us had been in a First Pres Sunday School class 20+ years earlier. It was fun to update about family changes and careers. It was as if we had been together regularly for the past 20+ years.As the weekend advanced, meals together and times of worship, teaching ‎and small group table interactions were a real blessing.  The Holy Spirit showed up as men opened up during table discussions showing vulnerability openly.

It was pretty windy during both Friday and ‎Saturday nights rustling the trees and shaking the buildings. It was as if we were in a fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus. I felt like I was being tested and reminded to rely on Jesus to take care of us.

Many thanks to the many folks that made it happen."


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