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Mongolia Team 2017 Prayer Requests

Posted by Susan Buenger on with 1 Comments

On Wednesday, August 9, a First Pres mission team departed for Mongolia to assist with a conference for Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ (MCCC) staff. The team will be joined by Richard Haney from Presbyterian Fellowship, and together they will seek to encourage, listen to and pray for the local MCCC staff and families, as well as local church leaders and Global Church Movement staff (a recipient of our 2017 Give Back the Blessing offering).

The conference theme is "Lifelong Service and Movement Building." Please remember the team and the conference in prayer until their return on August 23.

Team Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the team's physical well-being and endurance. One team member is still recovering from a recent injury.
  • Pray for wisdom and clarity as the team prepares content for the conference sessions.
  • Pray for clear minds, tender hearts and Holy Spirit guidance as the team ministers to MCCC conference attendees.
  • Pray for gracious attitudes and flexibility as plans and itineraries inevitably change.
  • Ask that the Holy Spirit will speak to the MCCC staff attending the conference, and that they will enjoy a time of rest and recharging as they launch into a new year of ministry.
  • Pray for the local churches in Mongolia and for their leaders.
  • Pray for safety in travel.

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A November 18, 2017 9:24pm

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We need person that He ever go to that place or person from that place
pick up us, thereby We do not lost .
This way of thinking is very reasonable and It can accept by our logic

If We want go to Heaven, We need person that He know the way go to
Heaven or person from Heaven go to the Earth and He able go back
again to Heaven . The person is Jesus . He go back to Heaven
witnessed by his disciples (Acts 1:9-11) , so Jesus does not have
Grave on the Earth. Jesus able bring You to Heaven , But other person
that his grave on the Earth , then You does not know his spirit go to
Heaven or go to Hell . This person not sure bring You to Heaven.

How to follow Jesus by follow his word and do it .
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