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Serving Springs 2017

Posted by Elizabeth Roth on

Friday wrapped up an awesome week for our middle school students. Twenty fifth through eighth graders committed a week to help serve at VBS and at other sites in our city each day. Outfitted in their orange t-shirts, the kids enjoyed helping their younger peers in the morning, having lunch as a community and then heading out to different service projects throughout the city.

Service Sites Around Colorado Springs

After lunch each day...

  • One small group headed back over to the main building to help Kathy and the Children’s department prepare for VBS the next day.
  • The second group walked over to ESM to help pack food bags and shampoo kits and restock the food pantry shelves.
  • The third group went to Family Life Services to help re-stain the fence and clean up the grounds to make it fun for the families that live there.
  • A final group was stationed at Joey’s place—a respite daycare for Adults with special needs. They helped clean up the facility, played games and visited with the adults.

I was the lucky one in all of this, as I got to watch the friendships grow, my kids got to learn what it is like to serve God in a higher manner and I saw the growth and unity of our fifth through eighth graders!