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Soul Care Favorites

Posted by Lindy Keffer on

We're seeking soul fitness together as a church family this summer. Here are a few ideas from the First Pres staff in answer to the question...

What has been good for your soul?


Spending 20-30 minutes in nature with God, with the themes of Wendell Berry’s Sabbath Poems on my mind. – Tim McConnell




Ruth Haley Barton’s book Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership. I have been slowly reading it for years, and it has felt like a divine appointment every time I've picked it up. It's like sliding onto the couch in my counselor’s office, breathing deep, exploring my own story and hearing the freeing words of Jesus and what they mean for leadership in the way of Jesus. – Katie Fowler

Being in my garden as often as possible. – Alison Murray




Beginning each day with 20-30 minutes of silence. Simply sitting with God during this time and telling Him I love Him quiets my soul and creates space within for God—and counters the natural impulse to rush into my day. – John Goodale



I discovered the book Learning to Pray Through the Psalms by James Sire a few years back. When I have a solo day away with the Lord I use it as a tool. – Allen Hunter