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What Will First Pres Look Like in 10 Years?

Posted by Tim McConnell on

A Church in the City

We love where God has planted us—right in the middle of downtown—and we want to see our city flourish. Our doors are wide open, offering shelter from the storm. We’re investing in the peace and prosperity of Colorado Springs, pouring ourselves out for our neighbors.

Full of Joy, Light and Life

Those who come in here—or meet us out there—encounter a joyful invitation to know the life that is truly life. Here, there is warmth. Traditional and modern spaces are intentional, inviting and prepared. Joyful disciples are using their gifts and skills to create beautiful things for Jesus. The Good News is good and we want everyone to know it!

Christ Our Hope

We know we can’t save ourselves. We daily count on Jesus to rescue us from the deadend pursuit of empty dreams that is our natural bent. And we’re bringing the light of Christ to the darkness around us, the life of Christ to souls bent on useless desires. We are the church, bearing the Good News of Jesus Christ in 2027.

Alive in Worship

Worship is the highlight of our week. Whether old or new, the music is fitting, engaging and excellent. It turns over the soil of the heart. Our spirits are warmed and softened by prayer. The Word comes in truth and power; the Word implanted is able to save our souls. Ancient truths, and relevant ones, renew our minds. Then we are sent out—launched into the world—to live what has been imparted to us.

Rich with Generations

Families grow together here. In worship a grandfather, father and son all sit with Bibles open. The boy watches his grandfather clasp his hands in prayer and silently resolves to be that kind of man. People of all ages are invited in. We give ourselves away for the sake of the next generation. Our passion is to pass the faith as a runner passes a baton—full sprint, arm outstretched, straining to make the handoff well.

Living Life Together

Thousands who worship together also gather as dozens in circles, where we know each other by name. There’s laughter; there’s prayer; there’s true concern. No one walks alone, especially through difficult times.

On the Move

Nobody here sits still—literally or figuratively. Some invisible current sweeps us along and draws us deep. We want Jesus. As we know Him more and love Him better, we can’t help but act. We want to become like Him. We’re the Church on mission with God. We’re His hands and feet, voice and heart.

Whether just beginning the journey or decades in, whether across the street or around the world, we’re using all our energy to follow His call. The past is valued. The dreams of the future are even more compelling. We take Christ’s hand and He leads on.

This piece first appeared in the 2016 First Pres Annual Report. View the entire publication