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Communication Request

05.23.17 | Forms | by Lindy Keffer

    Communication Request

    If your communication need is very simple (e.g. please place this announcement in Happenings if there is space), simply type/paste it here and hit "submit" at the bottom. If your request is more complex, please complete the rest of the form.

    ( )   -

    Paste the URL for your event or opportunity here if it is already on the First Pres website or other website, or describe the item you would like to promote.

    In what timeframe will you be promoting this event or opportunity? Is there a deadline for registrations?

    Print Items and Other Promotions

    Choose any additional promotional items you would like to develop for this project. (These carry an additional cost.)

    If you are ordering multiple print items, please be sure to specify the quantity for each.

    Where should the completed print items be delivered? What should be done if that person is not available?

    Please include any attachments relevant to your request. For posters, brochures, banner images, etc., please include exact wording for the copy, or include an outline/bullet points if you would like us to develop copy.

    What else would be helpful for us to know about this project?

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