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GTW Winter 2017 Class Descriptions

12.20.16 | GTW, Growing Together Wednesdays | by Ina Meyer

    Moving Along the Path Of Discipleship 

    As you ask the Lord how He wants you to grow in this coming year, consider GTW a time to equip you on the journey of faith. What step is next for you on the path of discipleship? Each of the following classes is tagged with a description that can help you as you commit to your next steps.

    Getting Started (first steps - "GS"): You are exploring your relationship with Christ. You desire to establish healthy spiritual patterns which will bring you closer to Jesus and to grow in talking about your faith with others and serving those around you.

    Going Deeper (intermediate steps - "GD"): You are growing in closeness to Christ. You desire to better understand God’s call on your life and to be equipped to share Christ’s love with others more effectively.

    Journeying Onward (advanced steps - "JO"): You are close to Christ, you know your gifts and you are involved in ministry. You naturally share Christ’s love with others. You desire to be challenged to take faith risks and to be held accountable to go deeper.

    All Stages ("AS"): These offerings are easily entered into no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

    These tags are provided simply to give more information about the content of the classes. Anyone is welcome to register for any class, unless otherwise specified. 

    Winter 2017 Classes 

    “Any Questions?” (Session 1 & 2, ten weeks) (GD)
    Many of us walk through life with questions raised by our study of the Bible or of Christian thought. Rarely do we get the chance to voice them, much less have them answered satisfactorily. This class will cover some of the central questions asked by Christians, seekers and skeptics, and also provide some “free-for-all” time for participants to voice their own specific questions. Bring your thoughts and issues, and prepare for a lively time of deepened thinking shaped by a Biblical worldview!

    Led by Mateen Elass (Theology) - Register

    The Art of Forgiveness (Session 1 & 2, five weeks starting February 15) (GD)
    How does it feel to be forgiven and welcomed home after you’ve been away for so long and for such selfish reasons? Join us as we prepare for our Lenten sermon series on the parable of the Prodigal Son. We will study the parable and its interpretation in the art contained in the Gerbens Collection, The Father and His Two Sons, which will be on display during Lent. A beautiful book containing the collection’s art will also be available for $25. Open to all from Middle School on up.

    Led by Junior McGarrahan (Art and Culture) - Register

    Brass Ensemble (4:30 – 5:30 p.m., ten weeks) (AS)
    The First Pres Brass Ensemble is open to experienced adult and advanced high school brass players. This group performs in worship and seasonal activities September through May. Contact Steve Hock at 488-9791 or for further information.

    Caring for the Elderly (Session 2, five weeks) (AS)
    Whether you are now a caregiver or see this in your future, you will be offered insights
    into the challenges you might face. Topics covered include: Aging in America, Difficult Decisions, Care of the Caregiver, Care of the Dying and Creating Moments of Joy.

    Led by Arlene Bosma and Emily Jones (Discipleship and Christian Living) - Register

    Doorways Membership Class (Session 2, five weeks) (AS)
    Have you been attending First Pres and now you feel ready to put down roots in our community of faith? Our pastoral staff will help you explore the essentials of the faith, affirm the Scriptures as our foundation, discover the distinctives of First Pres and learn how to connect to the life of the church. Small group leaders will guide you through the sessions. Becoming a Covenant Partner will enable you to live out your faith in intentional community and mission. Register online or call Sue at 719-884- 6140. For more information call Mary at 719-884-6189.

    Led by Mary Frieg and First Pres ministers (Discipleship and Christian Living)

    Elder Training (Session 2, five weeks starting February 15) (JO)
    For those coming on Session for 2017, this will be a time to prepare for your new leadership role.

    Led by Tim McConnell (For newly elected elders) - Register

    Financial Peace University (Session 2, Nine weeks) (AS)
    Dave Ramsey breaks through the common financial jargon and explains how money really works in a simple, easy-to-understand style. You’ll actually have fun as you learn more about saving, budgeting, investing, insurance and more! Before the first meeting, you will need to Register and buy your membership kit at the Financial Peace University site.

    Led by Louise Carlson (Discipleship and Christian Living)

    Finding Your Place (Session 2, five weeks starting February 8) (GD)
    Have you discovered your place in Christian community—the body of Christ? God has gifted each of us for His ministry. A Christ-centered church is a community of believers who celebrate God’s grace by discovering and using their gifts to further Christ’s work. Where is God calling you? Join us on this journey to explore your Spiritual Gifts and how they can be used in Kingdom-building. Prior to the first class, participants should take the Spiritual Gifts Inventory and the free online Personality Inventory. We will discuss your results and correlate them with your Passions, People and Causes, in Finding Your Place in Christian Community.

    Led by Larry and Carolyn Gabbard (Discipleship and Christian Living) - Register

    The Gospel of John, Part 2: Chapters 13-21, “The Book of Glory” (Sessions 1 & 2, ten weeks) (GD)
    In the first half of the study of John’s Gospel, we studied the public ministry of Jesus as God’s personal revelation of Himself to the world. Signs and wonders revealed God’s presence in Jesus, but He still met with significant rejection. In Chapter 13-21 of John’s Gospel we will see the ultimate glorification of Jesus as Savior and Lord in the events of Holy Week from the Triumphal Entry to the glorious Resurrection! The goal of this class will be to look deeply into the servant-heart of Christ, which calls one and all to believe and trust in the finished work of our salvation through the Cross, and compels us to deeper faith and action in the spreading of this great Good News. Participation in the first study of John’s Gospel (Chapters 1-12), while helpful, is not necessary.

    Led by David Freehling (Bible) - Register

    H.O.P.E. — Hearts of Peace for Eternity: A Bible Study for Recovering Women (Session 2, 10 weeks) (AS)
    Jesus consistently offers hope and growth to those who seek Him! In this Bible study, women who struggle with alcohol and/or drug addiction will find warm support and Biblical teaching to offer hope and growth in their on-going journey to wholeness.

    For more information, contact Kim Costello at 719-337-7572 or . (Discipleship and Christian Living) - Register

    The Armor of God – Priscilla Shirer study (Session 2, seven weeks) (GD)
    A devoted, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you: your heart, your mind, your marriage, your children, your relationships, your resilience, your dreams, your destiny. But his battle plan depends on catching you unaware and unarmed. If you’re tired of being pushed around and caught with your guard down, this study is for you. Cost is $15 for the workbook.

    Led by Janine Robertson (Discipleship and Christian Living) - Register

    Mission of the Church (Session 2, ten weeks) (JO)
    There are some pretty good books out there that make us think about the nature of the church – Simple Church, Next Church, Connecting Church, Happy Church. All of them remind us that the church is a movement of God, which is dynamic and bears fruit. If it is not growing and moving, it is dead. Using 2 Corinthians as its foundation, this class will explore this vital nature of the church and help you think about your place in it.

    Led by Christopher Morton (Theology) - Register

    Moms Empowered (Session 2, ten weeks) (GS)
    Whether you are the mom of a newborn, a preschooler, a “tween,” a teen or an adult child, no doubt you need a community of other moms who can help support you in the midst of the season you’re in and help prepare you for the seasons yet to come! In Moms Empowered, we will gather together as a multigenerational group of moms and share our lives and our stories. We will study God’s Word together and glean wisdom from the Scriptures and from various speakers.

    Led by Ruth Zschoche (Discipleship and Christian Living) - Register

    Parenting The Love and Logic Way (Session 2, eight weeks) (AS)
    Easy-to-use techniques that will help you raise responsible children who are fun to be around! The cost is $30 for materials.

    Led by David and Susan Strehlow (Discipleship and Christian Living) - Register

    Prayer: The Practice of Receiving God’s Love (Session 2, ten weeks) (GD)
    What kind of confidence can we have as we pray? We know we live in a world filled with
    brokenness … a world marked by physical, emotional, spiritual and mental illness. It is a
    world that needs the healing touch of Jesus. Be a part of this Bible study and discussion
    of the healing acts of Jesus recorded in the Gospels. Learn how to pray for the kind of
    rescue and healing that only Jesus can give.

    Led by Carol Galambos, Steve Hood and leaders from CityServe (Discipleship and
    Christian Living) - Register

    Romans 9-16 (Sessions 1 & 2, ten weeks) (JO)
    The second half of Paul’s remarkable Book of Romans, chapters 9-16, will challenge us to look deeply at the place of Israel within God’s ultimate plans. Class members will examine the living reality of “presenting ourselves as living sacrifices”. What are the eight relationships Paul challenges us with in order to “put shoe leather” on the Gospel he expresses regarding “proving the will of God”? These critical connections will ultimately help each one of us prove what His good and perfect will is.

    Led by Pat Hartsock (Bible) - Register

    Sermon Talk (Session 2, ten weeks) (GS)
    When we hear a sermon based on Scripture, we are engaging with God’s Word. It is necessary for our spiritual growth to reflect on the sermon beyond Sunday morning. Join with others to discuss the previous Sunday’s sermon and its Biblical foundation asking questions like: what is God saying to me in this? What needs to change in my life because of this? How did this sermon help me see more of God and His purposes for my life?

    Led by Ralph Gates (Bible) - Register

    The Sanctuary Choir (Every Wednesday, year around. 6:15 to 8 p.m., Adult Choir Room) (AS)
    The Sanctuary choir welcomes all who love to sing and praise God through worship. We enjoy singing a wide variety of music, not only for weekly worship services, but also for concert settings during the special seasons of the year. Led by our Minister of Music, Jim DeJarnette, this community of all ages enthusiastically prepares music and leads worship all the while gaining a depth of understanding of scripture through music.  To register, call Chris Sebby at 719-884-6172.

    Shelf Life: The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming (Session 2, five weeks) (GS)
    Prepare for Lent by reading and engaging this classic book by Henri Nouwen. Pay attention to Nouwen’s reflections on Rembrandt’s masterpiece, the Return of the Prodigal Son – what does it mean to be restored by a father’s forgiving embrace? What kind of compassion does God the Father extend to His rebellious children? Listen to Nouwen as he helps us to understand what it means to love and be loved by God. Book required and is available for $10.

    Led by Kirk Cherry (Theology) - Register

    Shelf Life: Screwtape Letters: Powerful Insights via Socratic Discussions (Session 2, five weeks, beginning February 15) (GS)
    This deep, insightful, shocking, and inspiring work by C.S Lewis is nothing short of genius. The knowledge, perspectives and spiritual insights in this book will help you grow as a follower of Jesus. Join the discussion of this great satirical classic and gain life-altering insight.

    Led by Doug Landolfi (Art and Culture) - Register

    Spiritual Practices 101 (Session 2, five weeks, starting February 15) (GS)
    The spiritual life is cultivated in the midst of the very things God calls you to do. Whether you are a parent, a student, a teacher, a musician, a grandparent or an attorney, creating a pattern of spiritual responsiveness to the Lord happens right where you are. Together we’ll look at where God has us and begin to grow our attentiveness to God and neighbor through prayer, Scripture reading, neighboring and Sabbath (to name a few).

    Led by Jennifer and Adam Holz and Marvin and Christina Harrell (Discipleship and Christian Living) - Register