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Preschool Teacher - Part Time

06.01.17 | Open Positions | by James Tandy


    The FPC Preschool teacher will provide a classroom atmosphere for creative learning that will meet the individual needs of three, four and five year olds as they develop mentally, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically.

    Essential Roles
    1. Create and implement curriculum based on FPC Preschool Assessment Forms and Yearly Goals
    2. Create and display Weekly Curriculum Plan, Monthly Class Calendar and Newsletter
    3. Display and change student work monthly
    4. Prepare for scheduled Parent/Teacher Conferences
    5. Maintain folder with written records & documents for each child
    6. Augment programs as needed for children with special needs
    7. Supervise the classroom aide and assist the Manager with her employee evaluation
    8. Fulfill all obligations required by the DHS for ECE Teachers including 15 hours of  continuing education
    9. Help prepare for and supervise events as directed.
    10. Attend monthly Staff Meetings
    Desired Traits
    • Ability to strategize and implement ministry and to work collaboratively.
    • High energy and creativity.
    • Ability to lead, equip and coach.