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Something Significant for Christmas 2018

01.22.18 | Mission | by Laura Mueller

    Why Give Significantly?

    • These gifts reflect the true meaning of Christmas and are viable alternatives to the traditional consumerism of the Christmas season.
    • They are thoughtfully selected to offer variety and to encourage connection to our own city and around the world.
    • Each gift is connected to a First Pres partner, offering hope and help to the people, leaders and organizations that we are personally connected with throughout the year.
    • These gifts can be catalysts for gospel conversations as you share why you choose to give significantly.

     Ideas for Using this Catalog

    • Send your family the link to the online catalog and suggest a gift you would like to receive.
    • Invite your children or grandchildren to know more about Jesus’ generosity and the importance of Christmas by helping them select gifts for themselves, friends, teachers, relatives, etc.
    • Honor those who say “I don’t need anything” for Christmas by giving them a gift that benefits someone else.
    • Consider the catalog as an option for year-end giving that is tax deductible.

    Catalogs will become available in November 2018.