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Life After Death '17

Life After Death

Apr 23, 2017

Passage: Job 19:25-27

Preacher: John Goodale

Series: Life After Death

Category: Discipleship, Theology


The bad news: This life won't last forever. The good news: It can't compare to God's best that still lies ahead.

"Good News that Tops Bad News"

Looking for the entire worship service? View it in our livestream archives. 

Sermon Study Guide

Job 14:7-12; 19:25-27

Start It

If you were to fill in the blank, “Life after death will be ________”, what are some of the words you’d use? What would you say prompts those words, or has formed your perspective of what life after death will be like? Is this something you get excited about, or do you tend to feel neutral at best about it? Why do you think this is?

Study It
  • Read Job 14:7-12. What do Job’s descriptions tell you about the nature of death? How does understanding this impact how we might view the days we have until that moment?
  • Read Job 19:25. The word for redeemer here is “go-el”, which is descriptive of a relative who would intervene when a family member was in trouble—and was also one of the ways Israel referred to God. In what ways has God been a “go-el” for you during your lifetime—and how is He today?
  • Read Job 19:26-27. Job is expressing a yearning for what God would do on his behalf, even on the other side of death. To what degree would you say your anticipation of life after death is somewhat like a consolation prize thrown in with death, vs. something you’re truly yearning for?
  • Think of loved ones whom you’ve lost to death. How does God’s promise of life after death bring you comfort, with regards to them?
  • How hesitant or open are you to thinking about the fact that your own days here on earth are numbered? How can our church’s annual life after death focus the week after Easter enhance your awareness of this?
Pray It

Lord Jesus, thank you for conquering death, so that it no longer has the last word. Help me not shrink from the thought of death, but allow it to heighten my appreciation of what You’ve done for me and saved me from. Enable me to treasure as a precious gift each day that You give me here on earth—and fill my heart with greater yearning for the moment when I’ll be fully in Your presence! In Your powerful and precious Name, Amen.

Live It

Seek to better understand God’s promises of life after death, perhaps by reading (or re-reading) the New Testament book of Revelation.