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The Unstoppable Feast

The Unstoppable Feast

Apr 16, 2017

Passage: Luke 15:17-24

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Prodigal: The God of Unrestrained Grace

Category: Discipleship, Theology


Jesus has beaten a path home from wherever you are—home to the unstoppable feast. 

Looking for the entire worship service?  View it in our livestream archives. 

Sermon Study Guide 

Luke 15:17-24

Start It

It’s Easter. Chocolate bunnies, candy eggs, new spring outfits for kids, and time to plant flowers in the garden. Easter has come to mean a number of things to all of us, just like Christmas. I remember the first Easter after I had truly understood the Gospel and responded to Christ’s love in personal prayer at a summer camp. I got up early and rode my bike to the sunrise service. I expected to see Jesus Himself come up over the horizon.

Study It
  • Read Luke 15:17-24. What would you consider the heart of this parable? What is the most important moment? Pick two or three verses between Luke 15:11-32 without which the entire story would fall apart or mean something different.
  • Go back to the beginning of Jesus’ parable. How many sacrifices is the father forced to make? Is there any deliberation in him about what to do? Why is the father willing to make all these sacrifices? What goal does he have in mind
  • Be reminded, this is not parenting advice but a parable to reveal the nature of God. Does the father reveal the nature of God? In what way?
  • This is Easter Sunday. Jesus came to earth to die for our sins. The Father recognized His sacrifice on our behalf, and the resurrection proves that the atonement made by Jesus was enough. Read Acts 13:26-39. What does the resurrection of Jesus prove?
  • The story of Jesus is that He came from His Father to associate with us and pay our debt of sin so that we can come back home. In what way is the life and ministry of Jesus reflected in the story of the younger son?
Pray It

Heavenly Father, You sent Your only-begotten Son to be one with us, to carry our debt of sin to the cross. This morning we celebrate the victorious resurrection of Jesus from the dead. He was not subjected to decay, but was lifted up to new and eternal life and glory. Help us to put our full faith and trust in the name of Jesus Christ our Risen Savior, that we too might follow from life to death to life eternal in Him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Live It

Help someone else comprehend the glory of Jesus’ resurrection in Easter worship.