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What a Soul Needs: Resurrection Faith

What a Soul Needs: Resurrection Faith

Aug 13, 2017

Passage: Matthew 12:38-42

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: What A Soul Needs

Category: Discipleship, Gospel


Where will your soul belong for eternity? 

What a Soul Needs: Resurrection Faith

Looking for the entire worship service? View the Sanctuary Service or the Worship Center Service in our Livestream Archives. 

This week's sermon: Our souls know that our bodies aren't made to last forever. The soul needs to know what's next. There comes a time when we have enough information, we don't need a miraculous sign—we just need to place our souls securely in the hands of the One who can save them. 


We know a lot about how to care for our bodies. Our diet and exercise habits are well-informed. But what about our souls? Most problems are soul problems. Your soul is your deepest you—and God loves your deepest you. How do we take care of our souls? We need to nourish our inner lives and become people whose hearts, minds, wills and bodies are integrated and whole. This summer, we look to the middle chapters of Matthew to discover what the soul needs to find health and peace—resting in the hands of a God who loves us.


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