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From Dead to Alive

From Dead to Alive

Jun 17, 2018

Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Me to We: A Study in Ephesians

Category: Discipleship, Epistle


This week's sermon

Sin is lonely. Sin isolates. When I’m living in the land of “me” it is all about satisfying my personal cravings and desires. Everything around me—everyONE around me—is only there to serve my needs and wants. It sounds great, but it is heartbreakingly lonesome. But because He loved us so, God, rich in mercy, reached out and saved us by grace from the island of self-satisfaction. From lonely in sin, God raised us up to the heavenly places (communion with Him, with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, with heaven and all its retinue) TOGETHER with other believers. You were dead but WE were made alive—from alone to together, pulled into the saved family of God. There’s nothing so lonely as “dead.” Death is the consummation of self-isolation. Together with Christ and one another we live. We live eternal life.

About This Series: From Me to We: A Study in Ephesians

Is life all about Me? A Me lifestyle is about the isolated individual—my ideas, my agenda, my concerns alone. From this vantage point, life is about making Me the best I can be. But faith in Jesus Christ draws us into We, where there is a relationship with God and others. We means setting our opinions aside and submitting in faith to Jesus Christ. We means being part of a family—a community of faith, united across racial and social lines. Journey with us from Me to We as we study the book of Ephesians this summer. 

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