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Great Joy

Great Joy

Dec 24, 2018

Passage: Luke 2:1-14

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Time for Joy

Category: Discipleship, Epistle, Advent


This week's sermon

The birth of Jesus is good news. God has entered the world he made to lovingly restore it and redeem all who call on his name. Given what we know of the world and how things seem to be headed, this is good news. God is involved. It is good news for all people. The birth of Jesus is bad news for no people, good news for all people. If someone thinks it is bad news, it is only because they misunderstand. It is good news for all people “of great joy.” What God brings in the birth of Jesus is great joy. That’s the gift of Christmas—great joy straight from God himself. 

About the Time for Joy Series

Christmas is a time for joy. We are told to be joyful. We want to feel joy. We want to share joy with others. But joy can be hard to find sometimes. It isn’t accidental. Joy is something to pursue and guard—to cultivate and value. God gives us the season of Christmas to interrupt our patterns and calendars. It is a time for more celebration and gathering with friends, to treasure family and to remember the birth of Jesus Christ—God’s greatest gift of his own Son. Let’s take time for joy.