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Life After Death: In This Hope

Life After Death: In This Hope

Apr 08, 2018

Passage: Romans 8:11-25

Preacher: Katie Fowler

Series: Life After Death

Category: Epistle


Death's defeat will be complete.

About this sermon: Life After Death

What is our ultimate hope as followers of Jesus? What are we waiting for? Romans 8 tells us some incredible news. Romans 8:11 tells us that the very Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead is now living in us. Happy Easter indeed! “What happened to Jesus at Easter happens to all Jesus’ people” (NT Wright).  The Spirit of God in us is a guarantee of all that is to come. We look forward to two hopeful realities (1) the resurrection of our own bodies and (2) the renewal of all things—the renewal of creation itself! Jesus is making all things new! Our ultimate hope is the life that is endlessly before us in God’s new creation (heaven and earth becoming one)! In this hope we were saved. In this hope, we grieve, we suffer, we pray, we serve, we love.

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