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Manners Matter

Manners Matter

Aug 05, 2018

Passage: Ephesians 5:21-6:9

Preacher: Multiple Speakers

Series: Me to We: A Study in Ephesians

Category: Discipleship, Epistle


When we hear Paul’s words to serve wholeheartedly, as if serving the Lord, would Christ be pleased with the effort we’re giving Him in our jobs or in other responsibilities?

This week's sermon

Katie Fowler - Worship Center; John Goodale - Sanctuary
On this page, the sermon video shows Pastor Katie's sermon in the Worship Center while the sermon notes are from Pastor John's sanctuary sermon.

There are common patterns of life we absorb from the world around us. Paul’s household code sounds traditional to us but was radically progressive in its time. Nevertheless, we are to seek to understand and apply it for all times, even ours. It is not a blanket endorsement of “might makes right” or powerful over the powerless. The powerful and powerless alike are to submit to one another before God. When we move from me to we, it is likely that some of the manners in the new household into which we have been adopted are different from what we are used to from our former home. The challenge is to submit our individual likes and prerogatives and values to the new values of our new family—the family of God.

About This Series: From Me to We: A Study in Ephesians

Is life all about Me? A Me lifestyle is about the isolated individual—my ideas, my agenda, my concerns alone. From this vantage point, life is about making Me the best I can be. But faith in Jesus Christ draws us into We, where there is a relationship with God and others. We means setting our opinions aside and submitting in faith to Jesus Christ. We means being part of a family—a community of faith, united across racial and social lines. Journey with us from Me to We as we study the book of Ephesians this summer. 

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