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Who Knows? Esther

Who Knows? Esther

Apr 15, 2018

Passage: Esther 4:11-16

Preacher: Tim McConnell

Series: Who Knows? Seven Stories to Inspire

Category: Old Testament


 God is in my story. My story is in God.

This week's sermon

Esther is famous for being one of two books in the Bible that doesn’t mention God by name or include any prayers. How strange! But it illustrates for us that God tells His story through our stories if only we will pay attention. Esther rose to a place of extraordinary influence. At the right moment, she stepped forward in courage and changed the course of history. Who knows but that God has placed you in a position of influence to shape the future of those around you? Jesus calls us forward to serve and honor Him in all things no matter what position we are in.

About This Series: Who Knows? Seven Stories to Inspire

The stories of the great heroes and heroines of the Bible inspire and instruct us in our own lives. Each one has a “who knows?” moment when God’s story seems to break into regular, everyday life—a critical moment offering a sense of calling or purpose. It’s as true for us as it was in ancient days. Who knows? Maybe God has plans to use you for His glory. Who knows? Maybe God put you where you are, with the influence you have, for a reason. Who knows? Maybe the things you suffer today will make sense in time. When God shows up, a sense of mysterious discovery enters our lives. Who knows what God has planned?

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