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College Ministries

For more information about our college ministry please contact:

Andy Morrison, Director of Young Life College, Colorado Springs

Website: https://younglifecollegecos.younglife.org
Check out: @YoungLifeCollegeUCCS on Facebook


Looking for Young Life College?

If you’re looking for a community of college students to connect with, to explore questions about life and faith together, and to pursue Jesus in real and authentic ways, contact us!  You can fill out the form below or reach out to Andy Morrison using the information above.  We have fun events and outings planned throughout the year, and we’d love for you to be involved!!!  

Looking for a weekly Community?

Missional Communities are not Bible studies, but we study the Bible together. Missional Communities are not small groups, but we are smaller groups of folks doing life together. Missional Communities are not service groups, but we do serve together.

We meet weekly in homes to encourage and spur one another on. Together we practice four key rhythms of life following Jesus—Up, In, Out, Of: 

  • Up—growing in relationship with God.
  • In—growing in relationship with other followers of Jesus.
  • Out—joining God on His mission.
  • Of—being part of a local church, part of the Church in Colorado Springs, the global Church and the kingdom of God.

Sunday College Community
Each week we study the Scripture passages from our sermon series.  Our community meets Sunday mornings in the Cafe 225 Board Room located upstairs.  Led by John Conaway.  For more information contact John at  or 719-660-9611.

Let us know if you're interested in joining a College Community

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