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Women's Life

Women Building One Another Up

We're forming deep friendships and healthy community through learning, living and loving God's Word together. 

We endeavor to proclaim the Gospel in clear, concise and winsome ways. We offer both Bible studies and book studies aimed at making a safe place for women of all maturity levels to explore their faith, voice doubts or fears and to be loved and cared for within this body of Christ.

Whisper – Mark Batterson

“Saints and Prophets…. Sure.  But Does God Really Speak to Me?

Most people would say they’re unsure.  But His voice is all around us, all the time!  His ability to speak is not limited by our human range of hearing.  So if you want to hear His voice, you just need to learn some new ways to listen.  Listening is hard.  Most of us would rather talk and let our opinions be heard.

Unfortunately, we can take that same mentality into our relationship with God.  Most of the time we think of praying in terms of what we need to tell God.

Mark Batterson says, ‘I need to hear more what God has to say than God needs to hear what I have to say.”

In this study, Mark Batterson will teach how to discern God’s voice in our lives.  By watching the videos, reading the book and discussing together, we’ll learn the things that deafen us to God’s voice, the languages of God, and what it means to listen to God.
Cost is $30.




Regular Women's Life Meetings

With groups meeting Monday through Thursday and some offerings providing childcare, there is a place for everyone. 

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Upcoming Women's Life Events

Mar 19

Moms Next Bible Study Winter 2018

First Monday, Third Monday, from 01/22/2018 to 04/16/2018, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Mar 20

Women's WOW Study Winter 2018

Every Tuesday, from 01/16/2018 to 04/24/2018, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Mar 22

MOPS-Mothers of Preschoolers Session 2 2018

Every Thursday, from 01/25/2018 to 05/10/2018, 9:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Jun 4

Women's Life SummerTime Book Study

Every Monday, from 06/04/2018 to 07/09/2018, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


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