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If you have issues with the broadcast, contact our provider at 1-877-664-6137 for support.


Caring Ministries

Dozens of caring people—from pastors to volunteer nurses—lend a hand to make sure that each person at First Pres can receive the care he or she needs. No one is forgotten at a time of crisis. 

Share the Joy of Easter

Share the joy of Easter this year in memory of a loved one. Your contribution of $10 will provide lovely Easter flowers to people in our congregation who have lost a loved one recently to death, and to our many Special Care friends. A portion of your contribution will go to the Deacon Fund. The Easter Sunday bulletin will include the names of those being remembered in this special way. Print this form and submit it, along with a check made out to First Pres, to the Caring Ministries Office by Monday, April 3.


Headshot of John Goodale

John Goodale

Associate Pastor for Caring Ministries

Office: 719-884-6143

Headshot of Sue Hayward

Sue Hayward

Caring Ministries Associate

Office: 719-884-6140

Headshot of Jim DeJarnette

Jim DeJarnette

Minister of Music

Office: 719-884-6171

Headshot of Matt Holtzman

Matt Holtzman

Minister of Worship and Care

Office: 719-884-6170

Headshot of Frank Shelton

Frank Shelton

Senior Organist

Office: 719-884-6104