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Student Ministries

Jesus is Life.

A growing faith in Him gives you life. Are you ready to walk the journey of faith with friends who care about you?


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Now through December 25. Why not put camp on your Christmas list? Sign up for 2018 Winter or Summer Camps and receive a great discount.  

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HSM Kaleo Progressive Dinner

Sunday, December 17 - This progressive dinner will take us around town and into the homes of a few of our high school families—the Harpers, the Watsons and the Lees. We are so excited to share this night and grow together in friendship and faith. We will be taking buses from church and leaving around 4:30 pm and be back around 8 pm. Sign up here—spaces will be limited to the number of seats on the bus. Call Scott or Elizabeth with questions!

Regular Opportunities

High School Ministry (9th through 12th grades)

Route 56 and I-78 (5th through 8th grades)



Headshot of Allen Hunter

Allen Hunter

Lead Associate for Student Ministries / Middle School Minister

Office: 719-884-6221

Headshot of Scott Boss

Scott Boss

Associate for High School Ministries

Office: 719-884-6216

Headshot of Elizabeth Roth

Elizabeth Roth

Administriative Associate, Student Ministries

Office: 719-884-6106

Headshot of Tom Pipkin

Tom Pipkin

Pastor of Family Ministries

Office: 719-884-6107