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Student Ministries

Jesus is Life.

A growing faith in Him gives you life. Are you ready to walk the journey of faith with friends who care about you?


Upcoming Events

High School: City Serve/Morph Retreat
Middle School: City Serve Lock In

Regular Opportunities  

High School Ministry
(9th through 12th grades)




Middle School Ministry
(6th through 8th grades)








Headshot of Allen Hunter

Allen Hunter

Lead Associate for Student Ministries

Office: 719-884-6221

Headshot of Elizabeth Roth

Elizabeth Roth

Executive Assistant to Alison Murray and Jennifer Holz

Office: 719-884-6106

Headshot of Tom Pipkin

Tom Pipkin

Pastor of Family Ministries

Office: 719-884-6107

Headshot of Heather Houston

Heather Houston

Associate of Middle School Ministry

Office: 719-884-6204

Headshot of Nathan Richards

Nathan Richards

Associate of High School Ministry

Office: 719-884-6216